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High Performance

High Performance Insulation is proud to be working with Lewco Specialty Products, Inc., a leading developer of high performance insulation. Lewco's NO-Dust hydrophobic Super Mat blanket insulation is a rugged, waterproof, flexible blanket for hot service applications.

High Performance insulation can take many forms. As has been demonstrated by aerogel blankets, the hydrophobic flexible blanket approach saves time, money and greatly simplifies the logistics of ordering, transporting and managing storage space. Super Mat consists only of PTFE and glass fiber. There is no particulate matter, hydrophobe, or other additive to escape as respirable dust. Clean to the touch and very easy to cut, contractors prefer using Super Mat.




High Performance (Lewco Super Mat) Hydrophobic Insulation Overview

High Performance (Lewco Super Mat) Hydrophobic Insulation Blanket Installation Guide



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