Hydrophobic Blanket Insulation


High Performance Insulation is proud to specialize in insulation systems in the industrial sector. We are dedicated to family values and the ideals represented by small business. As part of its insulation line, High Performance Insulation is proud to be working with Lewco Specialty Products, Inc., (Lewco) a leading high performance insulation innovator. Lewco continuously strives to create materials with improved thermal performance as compared to standard insulation products.  In applications where water is present, high performance hydrophobic insulation is becoming more important in today’s marketplace. With an increased emphasis on reducing costs, while ensuring corrosion under insulation is minimized, representatives at High Performance Insulation continue to offer a comprehensive product range for the industrial insulation marketplace.  Our vision of the up-close and personalized service makes High Performance Insulation uniquely positioned to contribute to the mechanical insulation industry and the world it serves. 

Lewco High Performance Insulation