Hydrophobic Blanket Insulation

Super Mat

As part of its insulation line, High Performance Insulation is proud to be the exclusive Canadian Sales Representative working with Lewco Specialty Products, Inc. a leading high performance insulation innovator. 

High Performance insulation can take many forms. As has been demonstrated by aerogel blankets, the hydrophobic flexible blanket approach saves time, money and simplifies the logistics of ordering, transporting and managing space. Lewco's NO Dust hydrophobic Super Mat blanket insulation is a rugged, waterproof, flexible blanket for hot service applications. With an increased emphasis on reducing costs, while ensuring corrosion under insulation is minimized, representatives at High Performance Insulation continue to offer a comprehensive product range for the industrial insulation marketplace and are proud to support continuous innovation.

High Performance Insulation takes pride in representing thermal insulation materials required to improve on-the-job process control, reduce costs, and protect the environment.  We are proud to represent high quality materials that meet or exceed ASTM standards.